Tile Backspash with white countertop

Tile Backsplash – Top 10 Tips

On a daily basis, I have clients come into the showroom asking me if they should use tile for the backsplash. While it’s not for everyone, tile backsplash can add tons of character to any kitchen. With thousands of style and colors the design options are endless.

Top 10 Tips to a Beautiful Tile Backsplash:

  1. Add Some Character – A little bit of glass or accent tile can really add some style and character.
  2. Under-Counter Lighting – Lighting really accentuates the beauty of the tile, highlighting the texture and beauty of the tile and grout.
  3. Silicone – Talk with your installer prior to starting the job. The tile should not be grouted to the countertop surface. Leave a space equal to the grout line and apply a color matched silicone between the two. The silicone remains flexible and will allow for expansion and contraction of walls, countertops, etc. and can eliminate the grout joint cracking thus eliminating the need to re-grout.
  4. Flat and Level – Install countertop flat and level. Very important to have the countertop flat. This will ensure the tile stays nice and level with straight grout lines.
  5. Proportional Grout – While some tile such as terracotta need a thick grout line, most tile is best when inconspicuous. Typically, the smaller the tile, the tighter the grout line. When shopping for tile, take a look at the different sample boards to get a feel for the size you might like.
  6. Cove Splash – If you plan to use a product like Corian, Staron or HI-MACS, a tile backsplash can be a beautiful compliment to the material. With ‘Corian’ clients, I suggest a small coved backsplash (anywhere from 1-4’’ in height). The cove splash provides a nice seamless transition that is easy to clean.
  7. Neutral Tones – When selecting a tile for granite, select a light or neutral color to offset the darker color granite.
  8. Pizazz – Don’t be afraid to add some pizazz. This is your opportunity to really add the style you want at a low cost. When you are tired of the design the cost to replace will be substantially less than replacing the countertop.
  9. Low Cost Countertop – Tile can really dress up a countertop. Selecting a lower cost product like Corian, the addition of tile can transform a basic countertop into a masterpiece.
  10. DIY Project – If you feel comfortable with basic carpentry tools, tile backsplashes can be the perfect project. All tools and supplies can be purchased from your local home center. Tile saw rental may be a great option if using glass or ceramic tiles.